Day 3

It’s the half way point of no impact week and as others are mentioning, it is difficult to imagine how my rush to take a shorter a shower, decreased napkin usage and attempt to finish all of my food on my plate is not a wasted effort. Despite the frustration I still have managed to stick to following my goals everyday. Eating vegetarian for every meal has been easier than I thought by making salads and the vegetarian burgers in Huffman  a main part of my diet the past couple days. Going to the library rather than back to my room in between classes has also been a energy saving and productive decision. Not only do I get more work accomplished throughout the day by being in a quiet working environment, but I also feel better about using school computers rather than plugging in my personal computer as well as not turning on the lights in my room for just me to benefit from.

One thing I have continuously struggled with though is avoiding buying snack food from Slayter. After major internal conflicts, I accidentally gave in and bought a candy bar from Slayter..

Molly Korest


  1. Slayter is the hardest part about this week, its just so easy and its right there, its hard not to buy something packaged from there. Even though it is tempting maybe tomorrow make it a extra high goal not to purchase anything from there?

  2. It’s getting easier for me to eat vegetarian also, the black bean burgers aren’t bad at all! They’re growing on me.

  3. I applaud you on being able to eat vegetarian this week. I have been having struggles finding food that tastes good and fills me up for a large portion of time. If you could please help me with some meals that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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