Day 3: Balancing Act

Today started out well, I went through my normal energy-less routine this morning and got to class. Our discussion today really helped me think about the book in a different and more interesting way. The argument about human nature versus industry made me really think about who we are blaming in environmental discourse. If we blame people, we allow industry to do what it wants; but then the people may demand different products. If we blame industry, then we are allowing people to go along with their “selfish” and indulgent behaviors; however, the industry would then provide better options and perhaps change human ‘needs’. Just some thoughts to get people talking!

One of the main issues I have had this week, and particularly today, is this balancing act between progress and sustainability. For example, I need to use my laptop for many of the projects and assignments that I am working on. Sadly, this means that I am using more energy than I would have liked to this week. I have a dilemma though, between continuing my education and thriving in this surplus of energy, or reduce my academic life for a more environmentally conscious one. It is hard in college to make a decision about where your energy is coming from, because I cannot buy a solar panel and attach it to my roof. I hope that I can find a balance with this issue, but right now I am really wrestling with it.

Other than these existential issues, I have had a good day keeping up with my goals. I will confess to consuming a pop tart though…that was a low point! I am also very much craving meat, which is strange considering I do not normally eat meat in the dining halls anyway. I guess when you specifically deprive yourself of something, you tend to want it more.

I will end with a Ron Swanson meme, because I think that it relates to what some of us are feeling right about now.

Here we go into Day 4!


Jillian Foster


  1. Yeah same here, it seems like such a endless cycle and battle, having to use energy to do work to get a education but think of all the positive things you will do with that education in the end; perhaps you will even end up helping the environment! Bea has some great tips, try working in the library or a computer lab.

  2. I agree with you on the whole issue regarding energy use and our laptops. I have been trying to go to the library or other communal labs to do my work, but it is hard when you just want to work in your room.

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