Day 3: Granola Burglar

Once again, my post today is mainly about food! Since I am usually up really late, especially when I have work at the library starting at midnight, I get really hungry and want to snack. So yesterday I bought some local yogurt and local honey; today I decided to bring a container to Curtis to swipe some of the local granola that is so tasty to add to my yogurt concoction. Not only does this ease my late night hunger, but it also keeps all three of my food goals (vegetarian, local and not processed), and produces less waste than eating individually wrapped processed snacks. Yay!

I volunteered today at YES Clubhouse, and while sometimes I drive everyone using my own car, instead we took a Denison vehicle and carpooled. We brought food that we picked up at the dining hall, so that also helped to reduce the amount of waste. I resisted chocolate cookies (not local!… but so hard!), and almost drank some juice until I remembered my goal to only drink water.

Additionally, this morning, while I forgot to unplug my charger (oops!), and I had a Jolly Rancher (another oops!), I did manage to save some water. I took a 4 minute shower, but also put a container to catch the excess water (not soapy water, but just water that I didn’t use). I then used this to water my abundance of plants — it actually collected a ton of water! I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier! Overall, even though I had a few bumps, today went pretty smoothly.

Rachel Auerbach

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