Day 3: One Mistake

This morning I awoke with a very positive attitude convincing myself I am going to have my best day yet of No Impact Week. Actually, I accomplished my goal until after my lacrosse game. Now before I tell you about the negative I will explain the positives from earlier today.

As I said I woke up with a very positive attitude telling myself of the goal I had for the day. I carried that attitude into the shower and took the shortest shower of my entire life, I kid you not. After my shower I quickly changed and walked over to Curtis for breakfast. At breakfast I ate eggs, an apple, and a banana. Easily one of the healthier breakfasts I have had in a while. Throughout the course of the day I was very busy with my 3 classes and then a lab so I was never able to stay in my room for long periods of time soaking in energy. However, when I was in my room I was able to just lie in bed with the lights of and get some ho hum time. This was perfect to relax me for my game later in the evening.Our lacrosse game went well we won 18-3 against Wittenberg.

My mistake happened directly after our game. We have a team meal after every game and they usually consist of some type of pasta, drinks, and dessert. The problem with this meal was the plates our food came on and the drinks we had. Our plates were made of paper and our drinks were water bottles. I know I should not have taken either but I was too hungry and my belly forced me too. I plan on making up for this tomorrow with good deeds and do not plan on doing this again for the rest of the week.

Andrew Traicoff


  1. I totally understand the whole “stomach over logic” thing. It’s really hard to be an athlete and eat sustainably because when you have a super busy schedule, you eat what you can when you can get it.

  2. Oh man I screwed up today too, and did it purposefully! The urges are getting to me. Can’t wait for the give back day we do…I feel like I need to make up for a lot.

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