Day 3: The Lights are Off but I’m at Home

Today I have not touched my lightswitch (except for when I turned off a light for my roomie when she was sleeping). I took a nap between classes instead of going on my laptop like I usually did and spent the rest of my time today either in natural light, outside, or in publically lit places like the library (where I’ve unfortunately spent most of my day today).

Tonight will be harder after it gets dark but I’m always around people so at least we’re sharing the lit room!

I also stopped myself from using a napkin at dinner tonight and noticed when I was about to reach for a paper towel, seems like the week is getting (semi) easier as it continues!

Meredith Clark


  1. NAPS ARE THE BEST! Not only do they keep you away from electronics, but they also keep you rested and help you focus later in the day. And.who doesn’t like sleeping, anyway? I’m glad you’re making progress!

  2. Hey Meredith,
    you seem to be be making good progress, keep up the good work

  3. 🙂 good job it will feel easier as time goes on.

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