Day 3 The longest

Today was a bit rough and by far was probably the toughest day of No Impact Week. I got up got dressed as usual with the lights off and left for class. However I forgot I had to go to Cherry Valley Schools to read to kids. This involved a 10 minute drive to the school. On the bright side i did carpool with another football player who was going as well so at least it wasn’t both of us driving. Upon return I was already 10 minutes late for my class so I decided to skip it and eat my lunch as apposed to getting a meal to go that produces a ton of trash. Afterwards I went to dinner as usual finished 2 plates of food with no leftovers. Today was by far the longest day Ive had hope the next 2 days are easier.

Keep on keepin on, life’s a garden dig it

Kyle Rose


  1. I also have a problem with driving, since my lab tomorrow is about 20 minutes away from the school. Thankfully we carpool, but it does make me feel bad about it, since I am not really changing my driving habits this week. Although it stinks that we can’t walk, I think that carpooling is already saving fossil fuel and helping reduce pollution. Good luck!

  2. I ran into the same problem today. Either I ate or I skipped class. Ive never skipped a class at Denison without a good reason and decided that eating wasn’t enough to skip class. That decision hurt the environment but I had to prioritize.

  3. Kyle- Obviously there will be commitments we can’t plan around….especially, given that we aren’t doing this for a year….but I think another student had the idea to consider what was challenging for their NI commitment and try to figure out ways around it. Maybe that will help? good luck!

  4. It takes much discipline to skip a meal, especially as an athlete and with a busy day. But it will take a lot of sacrifices and discipline for all of us if we are going to stay no impact for the rest of the week. I haven’t been able to get off campus this week. And the meet is at Denison on Friday so I wont be leaving the campus at all.

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