It’s been a day of great sadness for me as my two friends who were doing the “No Impact Week” with me, decided to quit as they couldn’t resist the temptation of having the tasty grass fed local beef burgers in Curtis. However I have ┬ávery much continued my path towards this project. Eating today was difficult, but I managed to pull it off. In class we spoke about progress and I feel that I am heading towards the right direction. I spent most of my day in the library, as I had to do a lot of homework to finish. I avoid going to Curtis as I get tempted to buy something against our aim. Hopefully everyone is enjoying their task. Happy Day 3, take care.

Harsh Sahgal


  1. I have also had a problem with energy use and homework. It is hard to find a balance between getting my work done and being sustainable. Although I do like how nice the weather is this week, I wish we could have done this earlier in the semester when we didn’t have as much work. I may have to use you as an example and work in the library tomorrow to reduce energy use in my room. Keep your head up and good luck!

  2. Those are very delicious burgers. But think about the cows that we saw at the dairy farm!! Also it’s hump day and we are almost through the week!
    I also spent a lot of time doing homework today which caused me to use a lot of electricity through light. I have yet to study outside because when I do have free time its when the sun is down. Tomorrow I will spend time outside in the sunlight doing my homework. Just another way for me to not leave an impact!

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