Ho-Hum and Student Life

Having Ho-Hum and being a student during the final weeks of school are very conflicting lifestyles.  Unfortunately, Academia has been dominating the Ho-Hum category for me this week.  I wish I did have time to relax, but it simply is not an option.  However, I have noticed I am at least trying to relax more during this busy time of the semester, but it is quite challenging.  The book has really made me think about how busy the average American really is.  At college I am extremely busy and when working last summer I was kept busy as well all day.  It makes sense why we are 150th on the HPI index.

On another note, today was the day I planned to eat meat.  I had to get a small snack from Slayter because of my class schedule today.  I do feel somewhat guilty, but since I knew I had only the option to eat a to-go item from Slayter or nothing at all I don’t feel too bad.   I think this experience has already impacted my thought process before selecting my food in a positive way.  Therefore, I know I can go these next two days without meat consumption and adhere to my main goal.

My consumption of water has decreased as I took only a 2 and a half minute shower this morning.  The trash is the most challenging and noticeable problem for my no impact week.  Trash is so easy to pill up with all of the papers I print out or receive as well as all of the food items in Slayter.  I am hoping to not eat in Slayter again for the remainder of the week and keep my trash level around zero.

Ben Cole


  1. I used to do my most important thinking while under a shower head, now that I know how much water that actually uses that time is now reserved for before and after football practices.
    Keep on keepin on

  2. Interesting Ben!, I have significantly decreased my shower time too but there is still room for improvement. Believe it or not, that is my favorite time of the day

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