Need Meat

I broke my vegetarian streak today. I ate some beef jerky. I stayed away from the bacon at breakfast, which I LOVE, and the burgers at lunch, but I don’t think I got enough protein today and craved the plastic and paper wrapped jerky sitting on my desk and just…caved. I can’t wait to make up for this during our give back day.

I stopped a few leaks today though and turned off the bathroom light 5 times. I still feel like I’m not doing enough for this No Impact week. I know I’m messing up here and there and doing things I normally wouldn’t do to live with no impact, but I feel a bit hopeless. I feel like everything good I’m doing is just things I should be doing anyway– I don’t feel like I should be praising myself for unplugging my electronics, I should just be doing it!

As far as the ho-hum goes, I used to be big on meditation a few years ago and I’m not sure what happened or why I stopped, but consciously making a decision to sit, and think, and “be” in my own head was always something I enjoyed. I did that again today and hope to continue to set aside time to just “be” the rest of this week, it’s great!

Charlotte King


  1. I totally underestimated the self-control I would need to make it through No Impact week. But we are almost there, stay strong Charlotte!!

  2. Oh I totally agree. Huffman picked THIS week to have steak (my favorite) and it took every ounce of my strength not to get it. Struggling.

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