New Challenges ahead

Today I was in a time crunch and I had to make a tough decision.  I got out of track practice at 6:45 and ran up the hill to get meal-x from Slayter before my work shift started at 7:30 until 10:00.  Being a person that loves to be on time and early I did meal-x to keep a clean record for my work-study job.  This clean record did not keep our environment clean which is a digression on no impact week.  This is, however, the only time that I brought a commodity this week that needed packaging of any sort.  While its easy to make excuses, its better to just own up.

I notice that I am getting more sleep at night because I’m away from computers, televisions, and electrical appliances.  I was wide awake this morning (besides the allergy problem)  and I was excited to begin my day of class.   I stayed away from coffee today and just relied on sleep to get through today.  Tomorrow’s challenge will be to spend time away from light and electric appliances because I only have one class and practice.

Wallace Branche Jr.


  1. I have been running into the same problems trying to find time to eat at the dining hall, witch is the more environmentally friendly option. Slayter has become my go to place to eat this year and its hard to change that habit.

  2. I had the same experience this morning! I woke up full of energy due to a long nights sleep and staying away from technology. I hope you plan on doing this throughout the week and possible after this week is over. It is healthier for your mind to not be focused on electronics before you want to fall asleep. All it does is keep you up later than you body wants, causing you to feel the pain the next day.

  3. Wallace- your commitment to both going NI and learning from the experience is impressive! I think it is great that you reflecting on your lifestyle and making connections between this project and your other classes. Also, we haven’t talked about the luxury of time and how this impacted Colin. Maybe this is a topic for Friday.

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