Significant Improvements!

I am so proud of myself! One because I actually enjoy blogging now (just by the way) and also because, being sustainable came easy to me today. My day began with me waking up an hour before my usual wake up time to charge my phone and laptop (considering I needed my laptop in class today)before making my way to class. I woke up very ready and excited to take on the day. For the fist time in a long time , I too the stairs to Higley’s fourth floor for my communication class. Believe it or not, taking the stairs with little time to make it to class is what I least looked forward to during NO IMPACT week.

I proceeded to the dining hall and ate a salad and a local rice dish and I must also confess that I had two cookies along with that. My plan is to steady either in the Crawford common room today or fellows to save electricity. Unlike everybody, it is very easy for me to control what goes on in my life and surroundings mainly because I live in a single and can conserve as much energy as I want.

Two great things about today, I didn’t forget it was no impact week like I did yesterday and I am looking forward to tomorrow!

Anne Marie Paintsil


  1. It must be awesome living a single dorm and not have to deal with conservation problems with other people. I too am using stairs more often, even when I am feeling very lazy and I often charge my laptop for the day when I do need to use it.

  2. I’m happy to hear you are excited about the project! I always take the stairs no matter what building I’m in, and I find that sometimes I beat people waiting for the elevator…also, I like to think of it as a mini workout!

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