A Brand New Day!!

I actually just got back from the Salvation army.  Today and a group a guys on the track team participated in homelessness and hunger by taking our leftover food from Curtis Dining Hall and transporting it to the salvation army.  Although our Ford Flex rented from Denison did create carbon emissions, I believe the project was for a good cause.  We helped feed others and overall made the Denison community a more sustainable family.

Today was a great day, after eating a small lunch without meat products and picking the most locally grown products for breakfast.  I also managed to spend a lot of my day with the lights off outside of class.  I spent a lot of time outside because of track but I also went on a tour which is quite green now that I think of it.  I am quite pleased with the decisions that I made today and I hope I can finish the week off right.  Tomorrow most of my day will be spent outdoors on Denison’s outdoor track because we have a huge meet.  Feel free to stop by anytime 5:00-8:00 pm!!!!

Wallace Branche Jr.


  1. You forgot to mention that moment at lunch when we both realized we had paper napkins in our hands.

  2. I’ll come watch the meet at some point tomorrow. Good luck man.

  3. Wallace,
    Great job on the philanthropy work. I am glad to hear that Denison student-athletes give back to the community. Also glad you got some ho-hum time. Good luck at your meet tomorrow!

  4. I brought food to the salvation army a couple of weeks ago and also felt that it was a good way to not waste the extra food from the dining halls. Finding ways to utilize the extra food in our dining halls not only eliminates waste, but benefits people who are in need of food.

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