Day 3: Better Late Than Never

While in the bathroom washing my face I realized I had forgotten to blog for today! I got too caught up working on my study abroad essays.

Anyway, today (the 23rd) was fine. I didn’t eat meat, my shower was under 2 minutes, and both my roommate and myself were out of the room for the majority of the day so the lights were almost never on. However, today (the 23rd) was not great because while I was working on my study abroad essays that are due tomorrow (the 24th), I hit a wall and could not stay awake. I had no choice but to walk to Slayter and buy a StarBucks coffee. I walked back to the library with my head low. I didn’t plan ahead and bring my thermos with me. Rookie mistake!

I realize that this whole week is a learning process. I would have to do this project for weeks or even months to  finally have a day with no slip ups!

Bea Lawson


  1. I think that allowing the little concessions is important, especially this early. Easing into this over a longer period of time would give us more self-forgiveness for the little transgressions, but I guess we just have to work with what we’ve been given!

  2. Planning is for sure a key part of no-impact week. It seems like besides the slayter drink you had a pretty good NI day so yay Bea!

  3. Yeah I defiantly agree it would take a few weeks to really not slip up on no impact week, but even Colin made mistakes thats the whole point about learning to make not impact! Also, I forgot my thermos yesterday and I realized this week is a lot about planning and remember the small things!

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