Day 4

It’s day four of no impact week and I have managed to only make a few mistakes. I woke up this morning and got ready (no lights on of course) and went to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Although it was unavoidable driving, I felt that my volunteering to help kids to help them learn to read made up for the carbon emissions produced from my driving. Also, in spirit of no impact week I bought my little a reusable water bottle as a gift to replace her plastic water bottles she brings every time. When I was in CVS purchasing the water bottle the cashier asked me if I wanted a bag and I turned it down and also convinced my friend to not take a bag either. The constant offering of bags always frustrates me. All I purchased was a water bottle that could easily be carried out without the use of a plastic bag.

Although I managed to stay with my goals for the rest of the day, eating vegetarian and limiting my energy usage I did once again cave in and get a milk shake in a plastic cup from the bandersnatch. I noticed that although the bandersnatch promotes recycling, they only utilize glassware for coffee orders. My roommate and I were discussing whether it is less wasteful to use paper and plastic cups that can be recycled, or reusable glassware that requires energy and water to be washed. It seems like it is a lose-lose situation.

Molly Korest


  1. You guys should definitely make a suggestion! I share many of your thoughts re: plastic bags and the dilemma of washing reusable items and handkerchiefs. It was like the issue I raised in class. Are we ever going to be truly sustainable. The best we can do is TRY. So congrats for trying! One more day!

  2. I love your thoughts about the Bandersnatch, Molly, and I’ve never really noticed until now how many disposable products the ‘Snatch hands out… I would love to make a suggestion to the employees about potentially using reusable plates, cups, etc. !

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