Day 4: I run on Electricity (and coffee…duh)

This week has made me realize how dependent I am on electricity for my routine life.

I need lights to find clothes and get ready for class. I charge my computer, my phone, all so I can use them for schoolwork, Buzzfeed articles, and talking to people less than a mile away from me. Dependence on electricity is a normal and accepted part of life. This week has made me realize the extent to which I am dependent on electronics. Balancing time with friends and schoolwork leaves me with limited “Ho-Hum” time. I’m looking forward to the end of the semester and hope my summer will bring me more time outdoors and less time plugged in.

Meredith Clark


  1. At least the weather is better now! I think that during the winter we were all so hooked into our laptops and cooped up inside that we were wasting much more than we are now. I think that just happens with the winters though…if we could be outside all year I’m sure it would be much different…

  2. I agree with you and I just believe that my “ho-hum” time has been increase this week through taking away electronics. Staying away from television, limiting computer time, and spending time with friends has got me in a great mood!

  3. I agree with you I am very excited for summer to come to get some down time. I often catch myself thinking of lying outside on a beautiful summer day, listen to the wind blow with nothing to worry about. It will come soon just stay strong for a few more week!

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