Day 4: Im becoming sustainable?

Today was the best day so far in terms of comfort with doing my daily routine. It amazes me how in a week old habits can be broken and new ones can form. For instance earlier in the week it was not uncommon for me to leave my room take two steps outside and realize that I forgot to unplug my cords. Today I woke up and without thinking I unplugged my cords before I even brushed my teeth. However with it being Thursday that meant two showers because of  lifting and practice but both were under three minutes. Instead of taking a nap today I did my homework during the day so I could utilize the sun or at least most of it. My room sits in constant shade in Crawford so I had to turn on a small desk lamp, but I unplugged it when I was done. I am continuing to eat as much locally grown foods as possible for each meal. Overall today was the easiest day of No Impact Week.

Keep on keepin on, Life’s a garden dig it

Kyle Rose


  1. Things have definitely gotten easier as we’ve gone along, I think! Maybe we’ll end up retaining some of our habits after NIW after all?

  2. I can really relate to the changing of instinct. I sometimes leave my room and run down a list of things I may have forgotten to unplug–and because I have a habit of being late, often don’t have time to go back and unplug. But I figure consciousness is a start, right?

  3. I too have changed by habits by a certain amount. During the day I spend most of my time outside as the weather is perfect. Locally grown food is tough to find but I appreciate your efforts in continuing to do so. Hope you have a great last day.

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