Day 4: Maybe I Will be a Vegetarian Forever?!

It’s Day 4 of No Impact week and my affinity for finding alternatives to meat is growing. I actually ¬†find myself preferring my meatless meals. This makes me think that maybe I should just keep going with this whole no meat diet. When I get home it will be even easier to find and make meals that don’t contain meat. My family grows all of our own vegetables so I would never have trouble finding healthy greens or other nutritious vegetables. Since I do a lot of the grocery shopping, I could find proteins like beans and quinoa at the grocery store. I am actually excited to go home and see what fun vegetarian meals my dad could come up with. It would be fun to try and get my whole family on board. Even if they don’t cut out all meat, maybe we could limit our meat consumption to only weekends or something.

I realize through this project that even a small change in your lifestyle can make a big difference. If every person were to cut back on their energy consumption just a little bit, we would be able to sustain our resources for a longer amount of time. It is frustrating to see people carelessly waste energy when I know our resources are so finite.

Bea Lawson


  1. Yes yes yes, Bea! I’ve totally enjoyed the journey of finding alternatives to meat, and I’m excited to continue after No Impact week is over. Like Rachel, I’m sure there will be times where I’ll consume meat, but I’m hoping it’s only at times when local meat is available. Kudos!

  2. I was thinking about this too! Sometimes I think, what’s the point of being a vegetarian if the animals are treated and slaughtered humanely? But now I’m learning about the environmental factors of having even humanely raised animals and it just seems like a great idea to keep on the vege-head track!

  3. I agree! I was a vegetarian for a few years in high school and on and off here at Denison and I realized I actually feel better when I do it. I found that it makes you more creative with food especially here on campus. I hope that you could get your family on board to do it with you, I think that would really help with support and some yummy food ideas!

  4. Bea, I am totally on the same page with you! While I probably will eat meat every once in a while, I really enjoy being vegetarian (at least so far!) and the good feeling that comes with it. Good luck in your veggie endeavors!

  5. good for you omnomnm enjoy your veggies, but will you be a vegetarian or vegan

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