Day 4: Recycling Progress


One of my biggest goals was to learn how to recycle. We’ll luckily Jeramy king came to my science and the environment class and answered all of my questions.

The co mingled recycling dumpster accepts plastics 1-7, cans, glass, paper, plastic scraps, mostly everything you would think is recyclable. You even don’t half to wash out plastic bottle residue. That’s a new thing that the recycling center does this year that Jeramy King said he learned when he started the co mingling project. The problem with the dumpster is that it’s only allowed 10% contamination before it all goes into the landfill. The trash truck driver will look at the dumpster and decide if it’s to contaminated to be recycled. If it is he will dump it in with the rest of the trash. If it’s okay to be recycled he will leave it and come back later to pick up the recycling after he takes the trash to the landfill. So if you see a trash truck picking up the recycling don’t worry it’s going to the right place. If you see a trash truck pick up the trash then pick up the recycling, then your dorm went past 10% contamination and ruined the recycling. If you see that happen hopefully you will try to help fix the problem for next time.

Ironically the trash dumpster says “are you sure it can’t be recycled”. Ironic because before today’s class I would of answered that question with a “no, I’m not sure” and most people don’t get to personally ask the head of sustainability about how to use the dumpsters and would answer the same way. I told him about how hard it was to find information about the dumpster and he said he knows and is working on it. Jeramy King plans to work this summer to change the advertisement of the dumpsters. They plan to utilize social media to promote recycling at Denison along with make the dumpsters easier to understand.


Jesse Smith


  1. Thanks for all the clarification, Jesse! This is really helpful — the plastics always get me, so I’m glad to know that they do accept 1-7. Even though I always recycle in my room, I’ll be sure to get my roommates even more on board.

  2. Jesse-I’m glad you got that all sorted out. I would just be cautious with the “if it looks recyclable” bit…b/c as mentioned, sometimes the recycling just ends up looking like trash. And then people aren’t recycling! Hope you had a good NI day!

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