Day 4:Required Oops

Unfortunately, today was probably the worst of my No Impact Week — but I also expected it to be. I had to drive to Newark to get a vaccine for my study abroad trip at 8:00am, and then drive to the farm I go to for my Sustainable Agriculture class at 1:15. These were unavoidable, but it still felt awful driving and using fossil fuels when I know how much it impacts, in addition to it just being totally counter to this week.

Despite this though, I tried to make the rest of the day better. In anticipation for the farm, I skipped a shower this morning and instead took one after I got back from working instead of taking two showers. I spent the majority of the day outside, either collecting signatures to help my roommate (We’re trying to make equitable access, especially for those with physical long and short-term disabilities, a priority at Denison — if you’re interested in supporting this, let me know!) or working on the farm; it was a beautiful day and it felt so good to be outside enjoying it. I also managed to stay off my laptop for the majority of the day by using public computers during the day and then taking a nice, long nap in the evening (before I go to work at midnight); this helped me to both relax and use less electricity, so it was a win-win! Furthermore, I continued finding vegetarian, somewhat local, unprocessed foods to eat and I’ve found I really enjoy eating this way. While I do miss cookies and juice and whatnot, the whole diet change isn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated. I will probably continue eating like this for at least part of my diet after this project.

I hope everyone’s week continues to go well!

Rachel Auerbach

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  1. I understand the having to drive for class, its almost ironic that the week of no impact week we had field trips we had to drive to in the ENVS department! However, I am glad you got to counter it with using less energy for the rest of the day, hopefully tomorrow you can refrain from driving as much as possible.

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