Death by Granola Bars

This morning definitely set me back a little more than I had anticipated, this being the second to last day.

My Art History class, a class of five, meets in the Senior Seminar room in Bryant; a room with an entire cabinet devoted to snacks for anyone using the room for class or studying. Combine this with a lack of breakfast and you have a murder scene of empty granola bar wrappers, a plastic cover of those disturbingly orange peanut butter crackers our mothers used to pack in our lunches, and all of this carnage on top of a paper plate. i felt very discouraged by this for a moment, but, honestly, I had to remember that sometimes concessions are necessary when trying to be sustainable. I think that the most important lesson I have learned thus far has been to adjust a sustainable lifestyle according to oneself. I do not believe that the book should be followed verbatim, I don’t think that everyone is that strong or has the means to live that kind of lifestyle. However, that does not excuse laziness. I’ve learned that, regardless of size, any change counts towards a larger goal and dwelling on something like a wrapper doesn’t help to achieve that goal. As a result of my slip-up, I’ve chosen rather to focus on the fact that I have turned my lights on all of three times this week, have made sure to limit my computer use, and have maintained a meat-free diet throughout the week. Let’s hope it doesn’t come crashing down in the next few hours…

Ryan Mitchell


  1. Stay strong Ryan! I am also feeling moments of weakness as we approach the end. I find it reassuring to read that not everyone is getting through this week easily. We are all struggling together.

  2. Imagine that each college student contributes about 2-3 snack wrappers/day. That is a lot of wrappers! I do think college makes it more difficult to live a certain way, but as I keep saying, if you plan accordingly, I think you can find alternatives…and that is really what this is about…not necessarily giving yourself concessions but finding alternatives!

  3. I didn’t realize until no impact week how many bars I ate in a day. I think I would eat 4 a day on average and adjusting to eating none has been hard.

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