Futility sets in.

I took a slightly more gluttonous shower this evening, my second shower of the day.  The post-workout chills had come over me and, as I stood under a flow of hot water, I really couldn’t rationalize to myself turning off the water 30 seconds earlier or using cooler water.  I stayed in the shower, knowing that a majority of my peers stand under hotter water for much longer than I was.  An extra 30 seconds seemed trivial, compared to the 15 minutes showers they take.  Like Dr. Aguilar mentioned in her TEDx talk, going through this no-impact process alone is, well, lonely.  It’s easy to wimp out, break down, and become blind to your goals–to see only the futility of your efforts.  The water I would have saved in those extra 30 seconds under hot water is practically obsolete–a teaspoon out of the aquifer’s abyss.

Now my question is: what can I do to make a bigger splash? To make a stink about waste and wastefulness and conservation and mindfulness?  How can I draw positive energy and attention to this cause? (I know we are doing this as a class, but the ratio of us to them, the student body, is not so impressive.)  Although Colin Beaven became a pseudo-celebrity because of the radical changes to his NY lifestyle he made, the rest of the nation continues on it’s consumption rampage.  These are the thoughts I will sleep with tonight.

P.S. Check out this 3:41 minute video:  A Non-Attempt to Save the World. I would appreciate thoughts and feedback.

Grace Bachmann

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