Getting back on track

Yesterday was my worst day. Today seems a lot better. In fact, I don’t think I’ve created any waste today! I haven’t used lights and I’ve only had my computer on for a few hours today. So, I’m hoping to stay positive and keep on course, because yesterday was a disaster. It seemed like every time I let my mind wander from the project, I made a mistake. My wandering mind led to a paper towel, napkin, paper liner, and sticky napkin holder being wasted yesterday…ugh. So, I think it is interesting that what is probably the most difficult part of this week is not necessarily giving up paper towels, but being on constant lookout about our actions. We already talked yesterday about how we distract ourselves so much from thinking. And now this week, not only do we want to avoid distractions, but we actually have to think almost 24 hours out of the day. I’m sure it can feel like overload and can definitely be exhausting. So here is something important to remember….you have a little more than 24 hrs left. Let’s make the last 24 hours our least impactful!!!



  1. I think that yesterday was a very long day for many people in the class including me. The combination of wording about No Impact Week, finals quickly approaching, other classes projects needing to get done, add that to lack of sleep and mistakes are bound to happen. I view this as a hardcore diet, every once in a while you slip up and fall off the wagon. Now this can go one of two ways, either you get back up brush yourself off and keep trucking or you lay there in self pity and nothing ever gets done. Its something only you can decide and the latter is much more rewarding than self pity
    Keep on keepin on

  2. I had a similar experience as you did, but today. It seemed like today was such a disaster, with paper plates and driving places and other mishaps. One of the things that I have learned from this experience is being conscious of my actions. You had mentioned that it seems that we distract ourselves from thinking, and I agree! Whenever I am aware and thinking about my impact, I do not make a mistake. Only when I get into a narrow zone do I go about wasting things. Hopefully we can stay focused on these issues after this week.

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