Lack of Knowledge

Today I passed out a survey to a number of people for my final project regarding water use and showers.  I was amazed at how little people guessed or knew the number of gallons and American shower uses every minute.  One person even thought a shower used 7-8 gallons every 10 minutes! I think this survey was so amazing because maybe it will encourage people to take shorter showers in the future.  I know this class has shed light on knowledge such as water use that I am glad to be aware of.  I have taken shorter showers each today trying to maximize productivity of my time in the shower.  I have not gotten ridiculed for taking short showers, but I do not think I altered other people’s shower length until the survey.  Knowledge is very powerful and I am glad I got to spread some today.

My diet has gotten back on track after yesterday’s meat and dairy binge.  The positive from yesterday was it motivated me to cut out meat and dairy today.  I eat my local granola twice today, which is not something I am displeased about.  However, I have noticed how hard it is to eat local even during the month of April.  This winter has probably something to do with that as well.  I should say I could eat locally more often, but the local stuff now is generally meat and diary.

One of my goals was to study in a common space such as the library.  I have been working in the Olin computer lab, as 90% of my homework is math related.  So, I have been accomplishing this goal as well with not too much trouble.

I think with the end of the week near I can already take a lot away from this experience and hope to have one more successful no impact day.

Ben Cole

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