hey folks,

today has been the most unproductive day  for me as I spent my entire time in my room laying down on my bed, as I was feeling unwell. But hey I was sustainable, as I didn’t contribute to any carbon emission. Therefore thats a positive. I had the lights off the entire time except for when it turned dark in the evening; I had to switch on my side lamp. I ate local delicious food in Curtis today surprisingly  and finished all the remaining dry fruits which I had in store in my room. I went to Whits with my friends later in the evening to break the monotony of being in my room. I just went for a walk with them as I couldn’t eat anything from there(It was hard to control). Today while eating lunch I overheard people in the table next to ours talking about No Impact Week  and it turned out to be that they were Dr. Aguilar’s old students. I went up to them and spoke to them about their experience and they said that they had enjoyed their week, of No Impact and they also missed the class. They then  started teasing me by putting  pork chops and fries in front of me. “One more day”, thats what I keep telling myself and controlled my desire. Overall, It has been a very relaxing day for me and I am looking forward for tomorrow.

Harsh Sahgal


  1. Harsh- You are like the super hero of NI week! Congrats on fighting temptation! Also, shame on my past students for teasing you! But I think it is cool that we are building a cadre of students that can support each other and work together on a common goal. Good job. Enjoy your last NI day!

  2. Uh oh…I went to Whits today…and got something! I know. I broke my own rules I feel badly but I had a gift card. I am too weak!

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