Losing Inspiration

I was at Whits today and was thinking, if it was earlier in the week, I probably would have been adamant about not buying anything, but today was really hard because it seemed like I was losing interest in No Impact a little.

This led to some introspection. Is this the plague of the human race? Even when we know that we are destroying our earth, we start doing what Colin called “self-imposed helplessness” …it just seems pointless a little. Yeah yeah they say that if everyone just did a little less impact then the world would change, but honestly how realistic is it that everyone is going to change their way of living? I truly am feeling helpless.Maybe it’s self-imposed.

All I know is that this project has taught me that putting trash out of sight reeeeally does put it out of mind. Not just every day, usual, out of mind because you’re not being asked to think about it, but actually truly out of mind, even when I’m consciously trying to focus on it this week! We know why we’re supposed to be doing these things, we’re aware of the dangers and what we’re doing to our earth, but we still don’t care. Why can’t we make ourselves care more? When will we all begin to?

Charlotte King


  1. I’ve definitely been a little more irritable at “energy offenders” as of late, but I also caved today and went to Whit’s….. Try, try again I suppose.

  2. My blog for today shares the same spirit. I am embarrassed to own the apathy I feel towards some aspects of No Impact. I just get a little P.O.’ed when I see an innocent person carrying take-out and a disposable coffee cup–complete with a cardboard hand-protector(?) and a plastic lid–from Slayter back to his room where he will use disposable silverware and napkins, and NOT reuse them. So why should I take a shorter shower, is my question…. I am coming across a little more jaded than I would like but I think you catch my drift… 🙂

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