My best day yet.


I am proud to announce that I have made significant progress. Today, I drank tea and ensured that the lights were off in every room I was allowed to keep them off in.

This morning, a buddy(who happens to be an ENVS major) was in the shower when I walked in. I recognized it was him, and turned the lights off in the bathroom while I showered. About two minutes later, a fellow floor mate walked in and turned on the lights. While I was disappointed, I was not defeated. I was proud to make a stand, first thing in the morning.

After a clean, meatless breakfast, I grabbed a cup of coffee in my thermal mug. Sorry anticoffeepeoplewhoaremissingthetasteofabeautifulcupofjava, I’m going to get some caffeine to start my day. For lunch, I had meat. Curtis had some phenomenal ribs, and I wanted to get some summer vibes. I also recognized that overall, I have been too hard on myself this week. One cannot expect themselves to be Colin Beaven. We are college students, and we do not have the resources that the average adult has. This is not an excuse to not take care of our environment, but rather, a reality that we must accept. This week, I have made significant strides in observing and altering my impact on the environment. As the last day is looming, I think we all should gives ourselves as pat on the back. We’ve done well.

The future depends on what we do in the present. – Mahatma Gandhi

Dylan Weinand


  1. I love the quote and i like the way you are going about your task. Its good to know that you are progressing and i hope you enjoy day5

  2. I’m glad you had a good day. I would encourage you to look at all the things you were able to accomplish and maybe even some ways you could have done more. This is the stuff to reflect on…especially given the quote you use. I think the future does depend on every action we take today. Keep it up for one more day!

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