On My Own

I have come to the conclusion on why my roommate gave up on the first day. The biggest waster comes to my room every day. Constantly trying to turn the Lights on, producing at least 5 lbs of trash a day half of which doesn’t even make it to the trash ( she doesn’t recycle she just cant get it into the trashcan so its on the floor. she has to watch TV every tie she comes which is most of the day… she used up a third of my toilet paper that i used as tissues ( Wasn’t using it during the week) in less than an hour without my permission (i was out but i did tell her before she couldn’t when she tried) she also never listens to me when i tell her to stop or leave. i dont know what problems you guys may have but with her its thrice as hard to be energy efficient. well i’m doing pretty good today no trash but i have notice that manners seem to lead to an increase in trash. so to save more plates, and forks, we need to be more uncivilized 🙂

Aaron Roberts

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  1. While you might have been kidding. I do think you are on to something. Not that we need to be uncivilized. But I think we need to consider what is a must in terms of appropriateness. For instance, people don’t like the idea of handkerchiefs, but I think they are perfectly reasonable.

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