Today’s been typical–lights were left off, meat was avoided, and napkins were used sparingly. So I am going to use this blog post to talk about something else: reflection.

While this week has been tough, I am so grateful for what it has provided me with. I feel so much more aware of my actions, my choices. Moreover, I feel aware of the choices being made all around me. As I watch people in Slayter casually throwing away half of a salad in a cardboard box, I now notice the impact they are making. When reaching for my charger to plug into a library outlet, I hesitated, wishing desperately that I didn’t have to use my computer. I find myself walking past classrooms and turning off the lights when I see they aren’t being used. I don’t even want to take long showers anymore, I enjoy the feeling of knowing I’m playing a small part in helping this Earth by frantically washing out my shampoo. I know that there will be a few things I cannot give up, but I really believe I can continue to live a more sustainable life after this week has come to an end. The self-reflection I’ve gained from this week is going to change my practices for good.


Lucy Itzkoff


  1. I fully agree it has made me more aware of my bad habits like long showers, eating packaged foods and many many more. Stuff that now seem so easy to not do if you plan. If anything that is the one thing I too away from this week, PLAN FOR EVERYTHING. If you can do that anyone can be more sustainable.

  2. Great post, Lucy. It seems like you have done special work. Keep fighting the good fight!

  3. I agree with how this experience has made me more aware of my decisions as well as others. Today I walked into my friends room who wasn’t there and saw that they had left every single set of lights on and even the tv! I feel like I am constantly turning off my lights as well as other peoples.

  4. I agree with you when you mentioned your sense of awareness. I think that has been the biggest change in me this week, and I can tell that it is positively impacting my decisions too. Even if I take a 7 minutes shower instead of 5 minutes, I am aware of this change and am able to then take responsibility for my actions. Hopefully this will stay with everyone past this week, because then we will definitely be making a difference. Keep up the good work!

  5. I agree about the experience is going to change a lot of my habits for good. I think this experience has shown me how easy it is to cut back on environmental impacts here and there. Overall, I do not think I could adhere to all of my goals all of the time, but some of them are easy to accomplish. I can relate to the feeling of helping the environment by taking short showers, turning off lights, etc. It is a great feeling and I am glad we both have had it in this experience.

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