Roommate Support!

I didn’t have class today but ended up waking up early with having had my first full night of sleep in weeks! I had a great morning to myself I ended up eating breakfast in Curtis, I accidentally ordered a omelette¬†with ham in it and didn’t even realize it till I was eating it but I did not mess up any of my goals for the rest of the day. ¬†Also, I wanted to mention that my roommates were really supportive today, two of them came to breakfast later in the morning to meet me and at the end actually asked me what could be composted and why dairy and meats can’t be. They were generally interested and they all said they would spend the day attempting to create a minimum impact! I was shocked myself to hear it, especially because they have joked about it with me all week, and while I don’t know if they were doing it just to make me happy, it was still nice to see and feel that support. I spent most of the day in the library working on my senior research, therefore I had to spend a lot of time on my computer charging it a few times. I had brought my tupperware to Curtis and stole some fresh veggies and fruit along with a peanut butter sandwhich to snack on for the day. I forgot to mention in my post for yesterday that I realized while I didn’t produce waste myself personally I did get my stitches out yesterday and the amount of waste that was produced just to take out a few stitches was ridiculous. I realized that the medical field must produce mass amounts of waste with all the materials that must be sterilized and packaged. She had to open multiple packaged and bandages, the little packages of sterilization pads, the scissors, the tweezers, the bandages, EVERYTHING was in a plastic container just for a few tiny stitches. While I understand that this process is necessary I can’t help but wonder if there is a better more sustainable way to go about some of these processes. I know that sounds extreme but it would be interesting to research how hospitals and the medial field are making changes to become more sustainable; it was just a thought. Anyway while we only have one more day of No Impact Week, I think that a lot of these habit that I have been focusing on breaking, like keeping the lights on or not unplugging appliances when not in use, are going to become part of my daily routine. Hope everyone is going strong, one more day!

Dallas Manson

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