Due to not having class today I have spent the majority of my day sleeping in my room. With the lights off obviously. This has allowed me to save a lot of energy that would have been on other things like electronics and heating the water to shower. However I did eat a slightly bad lunch I had a lot of pizza. I allowed myself to eat the pizza due to being sustainable this morning. This got me to start thinking that maybe if we want to be more sustainable we should sleep a lot more. I’m only kind of kidding maybe because I love sleeping but who doesn’t? The more I sleep the less I will have consumed energy. I don’t know I just kind of thought about it. Let me know what you think!

Andrew Traicoff


  1. Naps are my favorite part of my day most of the time. I think our society does call for less sleep and more awake time with each generation. I wish we could reverse this trend. Lots of sleep generally lives to a healthier and longer life.

  2. Sleep is great! Take naps and you will be more efficient and effective with homework and studying at night. It works!

  3. Sleep is good. Sleep is love. I think if everyone in the world sleeps, we cut our environmental footprint by at least 100%. Assuming we don’t eat food that is not sustainable that is.

  4. I slept a total of 8 hours last night. It was great getting this rest and not waking up and turning on all the lights. I felt more relaxed and awake. Today I had Peanut butter and jelly to avoid eating meat. While I am a little hungry three hours later I still feel nourished. And I do think its great that I ate my portion size instead of trying to over eat.

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