The Future Ahead (NI Day 4)

Hi friends

It seems that with every day that passes this week, I think about the future more and more. I think about how my individual actions will affect those around me, both mentally and physically, and how my “impact-less actions” are starting to become addictive! I strive to take shorter showers without a second thought; I find myself unplugging unused cords from outlets subconsciously; and I am willing to pass-up Slayter snacks and drinks because of the packaging that I would throw away five minutes later.

Dr. Aguilar mentioned that this project could potentially become life-changing, and after reading “No Impact Man” and going through 4 days of “No Impact Week,” I would certainly say that my life has changed. I can confidently say that I will strive to be conscientious about my environmentally impacting decision-making and that I will encourage others around me to do the same.


Claire Ludlow

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  1. Claire- This is really great to hear. And I’m thinking that you came out of it this way because you really took the time to consider your decisions (so much so that it caused you anxiety!). But I think you’re right. Some of the things we did this week should be easy to implement. Others might be a lot more difficult. But as I was telling some students from class. If you can focus on just one thing (like water or lights) then it might automatically make you consider other things (like food). And remember that someone might be taking a cue from your actions…you could spark a change! Good luck!

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