This Has Been A Weird Day So Far…

So earlier today I took the advice of someone who posted earlier and took a nap to reduce my impact on the environment. But now it feels like a different day despite having things due like crazy. It is hard to explain. I guess to make it short, its been a weird few hours. Aside from that, the day has been pretty mellow. I must admit that I am guilty of being non-sustainable in terms of food. I ate too much cookies and I had Whits before meeting with my professor which contributed to a bit of paper waste.

I think throughout this week has been peaceful inside and out. I kind of associate sustainability with simplicity and minimalism which I have noticed since this week has started. My experience so far has been humbling yet challenging, much like the rest of the days. I still struggle with food and eating sustainable. Aside from the rest of the goals I had planned, I can honestly say that I am reaching them fully to the best of my abilities.

Omar Vargas

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