Yesterday struggles. Is it really a new day?

Friends, Companions, and Mother Earth,

I am trying. I care. I believe a human grassroots movement is the only way we can make a change. But I am acting as a hypocrite. I have ordered three coffee’s from Slayter in the last three days. The last two weeks of school are filled with work, and I have been running low on sleep. Also, my carnivore ways are not subsiding. Any advice on that? I am feeling extremely lost, and would appreciate guidance.

I am hopeful for today. My motivation is renewed. My spirit is filled with our earth. Let’s tackle this day!


Dylan Weinand


  1. It is good that you are admitting your struggles. I too am seeing working being flooded from left and right. Sometimes we need to see that we make honest mistakes not because we want to, but because we get so caught up in how we lived our lives before this week. I think it is good to reflect on these things and understand that there is time to make up for your mistakes. Know that you are not in this struggle alone.

  2. I have been swamped with work as well and sometimes catching myself cheating. I fell like if we had our No Impact Week earlier in the semester we would have been able to follow it more. Let me know what you think!

  3. Dylan, I think we’ve all encountered times where we feel like we’re not acting true to the earth. But at least you recognize it and admit it! (confessions are good!)

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