Closing Door…Maybe Some Opening Ones Too

The end of No Impact Week definitely delivered on its promise of reflective, life-changing shifts in habits…some of which I think I may have to keep. I won’t go too much into it, but I found myself thinking about what the project means in the scheme of things. The most important aspect of this project is the agency it excites in those who go through it; everything about it encourages choices, adaptations, and selective thinking as well as causing reflection that only causes more choices based on the behavior of those who aren’t going through the same experiment. Although I think that the community forged through trying this project together is important, the self-involvement and the willingness to take responsibility for a future that can only be decided through one’s personal decisions plays a much greater role than that connection with one another. I believe this because, like our futures, molds of this experiment can’t be made and reproduced for everyone who tries it so relying on others must be done with caution. I guess that I just want to express how, even though the experiment is over, I believe that it has distilled a greater sense of personal strength and conviction in me that I hope I can use in the future, particularly with some of the habits I’ve developed.

Ryan Mitchell

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