Day 5: Done at last?

Today was the last official day of No Impact Week and what a week it was. Some days were harder than others, some days seemed to fly by some lasted for eternity but all in all we did it. We have done something not many people can say they have done. It wasn’t for glory or money, but rather to see the error in our wasteful culture.  I fell as though this week has taught me to be more prepared, think ahead and small things can have big impacts. But I challenge you friends, how many of you will go back to your old ways, back to 20 minute showers and hours with the lights on, can you remain sustainable? Or is this asking too much? I understand we have limited recourses being confined to a campus, but I feel like we can do so much from our home on the hill. So I challenge you to go home and spread the word there is three months of  the year where we can truly run a sustainability experiment. I know this week has changed me, has it changed you?

Keep on keepin on, life’s a garden dig it

Kyle Rose

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