Day 5: The End

Nothing to exciting happened today so I thought I would use my last post to talk about how no impact week affected me.

The biggest thing it learned was to be more aware of my actions. I now have a reason to try and be more sustainable we’re as before I didn’t care at all. I think learning about what being sustainable is was the key to starting to live no impact. The ways to lower your impact are so simple and easy to do. This is why I think if more people knew how to make changes then they would. I like to think that people are naturally good and whiling to help out with things, but a lot of the time they are misguided. Now that I’m no longer misguided I will try and help other people improve there lives to be more sustainable.

It was a fun week and I’m glad we did it.

Jesse Smith

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  1. thats good but don’t force it on others. it tends to have an opposite effect.

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