Final Thoughts

As this week comes to a close, I am pleased with how surprisingly easy the week went. Maybe I didn’t challenge myself enough, or maybe being sustainable is just a lot easier than I expected. Before this project, I thought that not eating meat for a week would be hard — instead it was quite enjoyable, and while I will probably have less strict rules in the future, I don’t see why most of my meals couldn’t be vegetarian. I also just feel better; knowing that my personal actions have an impact, even a small one, helps me feel more fulfilled. ¬†Additionally, as I mentioned in class, my support system was amazing. I know other people had some issues getting support from their friends, but even though some friends had some confusion (or disappointment when I refused to go to Taco Bell or Chipotle), they all supported my decision.

I think it’s important to recognize the little things that everyone can do. Yes, we have to fight against the huge corporations that are polluting our environment, but we also need to demand less. Changing my behavior definitely started to change my friends’, and I think individual change and leading by example are extremely important, even though sometimes it can get disheartening.

Congratulations to everyone on finishing out the week!

Rachel Auerbach


  1. Your support from your friends was really rad and so awesome. I think we should keep what we have learned from this week and apply it in our everyday lives. Maybe not the to extreme as many of us have done this week, but the little things that we can do for the Earth should be a priority for all of us.

  2. My heart was warmed to hear about the support you received from your friends in making some lifestyle changes. Whether they themselves implement those same changes is not the crux of the project. You were able to draw their focus to this idea, and raise consciousness. That’s pretty cool. Kudos.

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