It is actually never over

I woke up today excited that No Impact Week was almost over. Just a few more hours, I said to myself. Thinking more about it I realized that it isn’t over and is far from over. We cannot change our habits for one week and go back to our normal lives like nothing ever happened. To me, the whole idea of this project will be defeated if we did that. Maybe we can approach it in a more subtle manner but all that matters in the end is that we are still trying. Professor Aguilar’s words in class about the ripple effect stuck with me through out the day. We may not know how our little actions go a long way to change the mindsets of other people and also impact the environment in a positive way. All in all it was a great yet challenging experience. I thing I learnt from this week is to do things( leave no impact) because I want to, and not because I have been required to for a class. I hope this goes a long way with everyone else too. Its been great! …yet challenging!

Anne Marie Paintsil

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  1. Preach, Anne Marie! We must keep moving forward! Thanks for your passion and insight. What are you going to do to continue your impactless life?

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