last day!

We have finally made it to the last day of no impact week! Although my goals were small, I stuck with most of them throughout the whole week.

1. Not eating meat. This was definitely easier than I thought. I typically don’t have that much meat in my diet, so excluding it completely was a very achievable goal. No impact week has taught me that not eating meat could easily become a permanent part of my diet that would not only allow me to feel healthier about my eating habits, but also make me feel like I am helping the environment.

2. Avoiding processed foods from Slayter. For me this definitely had me experiencing more internal struggles than I expected. When I was studying late at night and my friends and they would suggest study breaks when we got hungry. I always had a difficult time resisting the shelves of Slayter packed with countless numbers of candy bars, bags of chip and especially gum! Although giving up gum was something that was nearly impossible for me, throughout no impact week I definitely became more aware of how much waste gum produces. When purchasing the money saving three pack, you have the packaging wrapping the three packs together, packaging around each individual pack, and then packaging around each piece of gum..it’s absurd! I didn’t give up gum but I did try to stick to the bags of gum that eliminate a lot of the packaging.

3. Turning the lights off. Also an easy fix to my every day habits. I learned that I don’t always need to have the lights on every time I’m in my room and opening the window actually allows for a lot of sun to light the room during the day. Keeping the lights off has also encouraged me to utilize the library during my break periods which has not only saved me from turning on the lights and using my own computer during this period, but has allowed me to be much more productive!

No impact week has showed me the importance of being aware of the decisions I make. I don’t need to use four napkins at every meal, I can open the windows instead of using the lights, and the school library is a good environment that also helps me to finish my homework faster and I will definitely try to continue these habits after no impact week.

Molly Korest

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  1. I had the same struggles with gum too. Before this week started I had a full pack of Juicy Fruit in my jean jacket and the aroma was too enticing to give it up. I realized that it was ridiculous how it was constantly packaged. That and processed food in general. It was one of the more difficult things to give up because it is so easy to have and eat in a matter of seconds.

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