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After this week I learned more about how much  waste I produced and how much energy I have been using. It has been a humbling experience nonetheless and I learned how to appreciate the Earth and its resources  more. Although I personally believe that things would have been a bit easier if we had started to do this earlier, a week is enough for us to step back and see how sustainable we ae in preserving Earth’s resources.

I honestly could have wished that the weather was still sunny just to make the end of this week more appropriate, but I guess the rain can serve as an ending. Throughout the time I have spent being No Impact Man I am reminded of a project I did in my Communications class. For a week we would not use technology but only for importation emails and for homework assignments that needed an internet connection. The rest of the time, you were not allowed to use any devices. It was extremely tough because I relied a lot on my phone and laptop everyday. Taking a break from it has been an eye opener because I was able to appreciate the outdoors more and how I spent my time.

The same goes for this week, only I had to really think about how I was making an impact on the Earth. I know a lot of us as a class struggled with pushing through to what we wanted to accomplish and I think it was fantastic that we had support form everyone else in the class. It shows that we were going through this as a small community.

The discussion we had today in class really bright to my eyes how this week has been and the perceptions others had when this week started. I can say that the discussion really closed in onto what were our own difficulties and closure on our own experiences. I also think that the questions Colin asked were on the money. It will take more than this week to really think about how we can further improve making an impact on the world. Other than that, this week has been fun. I hope to bring what I learned back to my community in the summer.

Have  a great weekend everyone!

Omar Vargas

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  1. Thanks Omar, I did a lot of thinking too after class today and the challenge has made a great impact on my life and how I view things too

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