No Impact Week Doesn’t Really End

Today has been much like other days, the same morning routine except a little bit more rushed, a packed lunch and my refillable water bottle. It seems like this week went by so much faster than I expected and the changes that I have made I plan to keep doing even though no impact week has come to a end. Today I accidentally grabbed a napkin at lunch and right away I recognized I did it, and while I may have messed up I think whats more important is that I’m recognizing what I am doing wrong as I do it or catching myself before I do it; its becoming a instinct. It may not be big changes like Colin did but I think slowly if I develop a sustainable living into my everyday actions I will be able to attain more in depth goals. I really liked our discussion in class today about the overall purpose of why we are doing no impact week and it made me think about the way I want to live after college. With the real world approaching fast for me it is important the I recognize the permanent changes I want to make in my life and I plan to make sustianability wise. I am excited to see what changes and habit I will adapt to in the future! I hope everyone has a great last no impact day and hopefully will continue to practice their goals after the midnight deadline.

Dallas Manson


  1. I think recognizing is better the doing. It will eventually become a habit. It’s progress and that’s positive.

  2. Habitual change is something I am taking away from this experience. Yes, the end of the week means I can be a little more impactful, but I do not want to if I do not have to. I’m hoping to take what I’ve learned and make baby steps towards sustainability. I agree the big changes Colin made are too drastic for me and probably most college students.

  3. I feel as if you realize the mistakes you are making and learn from them you are becoming better. This will lead you to dropping your bad habits. Even though the week is over work hard to positively impact the environment.

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