So you’re done with No Impact?

Today, I went out for lunch (I know, it’s a no no…) with my sister who came to visit me.  We ran into the first class of ENVS majors at Denison (those who observed out class today).  They remembered me and asked me: “so you’re done with No Impact Week?” I paused for a moment and responded, “well officially, yes.  But I hope to always continue the consciousness and intentionality I practiced this week.” Spending a week focusing on our impact, as we have just done, is about that consciousness and intentionality.  The way Dr. A described it in class, in sharing her personal relationship with NI, hit home to me. It’s about questioning and internalizing our actions and examining the way they affect outside entities.  It’s about the ripple.  We may not be revolutionizing our campus’s consumption at the moment, but we did create a few waves, catch a few eyes, start some sparks in the hearts of our fellow Denisonians. That’s pretty cool.

P.S. And I intend to get in touch with our dining services about removing the napkins from our dining tables. Stay tuned. 🙂

Grace Bachmann


  1. No Napkins 2014
    Also I felt very similar Grace. Although we are “done” with No Impact Week I feel like many habits made this week are now ingrained in my daily habit. Hope they stay there.
    Keep on keepin on

  2. Gracie- That is great. Can’t wait to hear about the napkin action! And while I understand the feeling of futility that comes with this project, I am so inspired but some of the things I hear….like Ben’s dad’s plan for the farm! I think, for our own sanity, we have to believe in the ripple effect!

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