Hey friends,

I have had a great week and I am grateful to Dr. Aguilar for giving me this task. I wouldn’t have ever thought about spending a week like this, ever in my life otherwise. I have learnt a lot from this week and it has made me more aware about the importance of our environment. Every drop of water contributes towards making the ocean and in the same way I feel that each one of us individually, are very useful in contributing something worthy towards the environment. Challenging ourselves to change, for a cause has in some way changed a few aspects of the way I live.  I remember telling myself in the beginning of the week, ” How am I going to go through this week without meat, Fifa 14 and eating late night junk food?” It hasn’t been that difficult after all. In fact I have thoroughly enjoyed myself doing things which I wouldn’t have probably done. Its been great to look at the sustainable side of living and hopefully ill be able to incorporate some of the sustainable techniques in my daily routine.There is a festival of colours today in A quad so I think I might have to break some of the norms of this week. I am really happy though, as I set goals for myself during this week which I was able to achieve. I hope everyone has also had a blast and I am glad to have spent No Impact Week with all of you’ll.

Cheers peeps!

Harsh Sahgal


  1. I like to think that I found sustainable ways to do the things I like to normally do. It’s cool that you figured out new things to do though. Looking back I wish I would of done more of that.

  2. It sounds like you had a really positive experience from no impact week. I also am glad that we were given this project. Although it was hard at times it definitely seemed beneficial and important to do. It was also something I had never thought about before and I’m glad we could all experience what seems like a pretty successful no impact week!

  3. I agree with Harsh, the true challenge here is challenging yourself. If a majority of people were not lazy and had a true drive we could help our environment more than we can imagine. It doesnt have to stop here, inform people and do your own work.

  4. Glad to see you want to incorporate the habits we practiced this week into your regular routine, maybe you will find yourself having a little more ho-hum time from now on?!

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