The end is never the end. The end is a new beginning.


It’s over. I am glad we were all in this together, and I appreciated reading each and every one of your blog posts. What a week. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, and am grateful for the no impact experience. I am hopeful this is merely the beginning of a less(environmentally) impacting life.

I ate less meat. I drank less coffee. I turned the lights off. It’s easy to get caught in the logistics of what we do. In reflecting, it is important to recognize¬†why we did it. For me, its helping to protect the absolutely beautiful earth that we exist in. It’s about being leaders for future generations in the fight to make our home more sustainable. It’s about reflecting each and every day and asking, ”what have I done to make a difference in the world?” Though we will make mistakes, we must be consistent in our encouragement both of ourselves and of others. We cannot be patient, the time to act is now. I am extremely grateful to have gone through this week with our class. Maybe even a bit emotional.

The ”No Impact Week” has taught me more about myself than I expected. In not only being a cementing factor in switching to an ENVS major or minor, NIW has rekindled my identity, and how important this planet is to me. How lucky are we to wake up every morning and walk on this absolutely breathtaking campus? What are we doing to protect it? I am encouraged and hopeful that we are moving in the right direction. Again, thank you guys. It’s been a fun ride.


Dylan Weinand

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  1. You are right this is not the end. We have so much more that we could be doing. The collective conservation of waste and our resources have left a conservative impact on our environment.

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