To Infinity and Beyond!

Today is our last day of No Impact Week, but I am sure that many of the changes I have made to my lifestyle will stick with me. The morning went well, and I really enjoyed our conversation today in class. I was motivated by everyone’s stories and challenges that they faced during the week, and it made me really think about my choices as well. Overall, I know I made a negative impact on the environment this week, but I greatly reduced my use and hopefully others’ too. I was also very touched by Dr. Aguilar’s story about her grandma and the struggle that Dr. A. had during the beginning years of NIW. I too have been in situations like that where you really question your life and why you are here on earth. Like Louis C.K. mentioned, it is scary to feel alone and not know why you are here or for what purpose. But I think the beauty of this project was to be able to open ourselves up to these questions, and really think about what and why we are doing things. Although using one napkin may not start an environmental apocalypse, ¬†questioning our actions can really get to the root of our motives and our reasons for being here.

On a more surface level note, I finally found something local that I liked in the dining hall. The black bean hummus from Shagbark Mill is the best thing you will ever eat, and I encourage everyone to get it…so delicious! I seemed to meet most of my goals this week, except for my goal for energy. I had originally decided to only use lights and my laptop for one hour out of the day, but I ended up using the laptop for about 4 hours. I feel bad for not reaching this goal, but I certainly feel that I can cut down the usage over time and hopefully meet that goal in the future. Other than energy, I met my goals. Eating vegetarian was easy for me, and I think I actually lost some weight over the week because I was not going for pepperoni pizza or meat and noodles, and I was actually eating breakfast. Hmmm…so environmentally conscious meals can be healthy and delicious…

In conclusion, this week was a difficult but great experience for me, and I hope to keep implementing these actions every day from now on.

Jillian Foster


  1. I am so excited for you and your discovery of the black bean hummus–it’s vital to our existence I swear. How cool, too, that the shifts you made in your lifestyle also improved your quality of life. I think if more people realized that, than maybe we would have something. Living minimally doesn’t necessarily leave you emaciated or in a state of suffering.

  2. I totally feel you on the energy usage part. I am addicted to my laptop (I was basically going through withdrawal when it broke a couple weeks ago), and it was really hard for me to do my homework in other locations. Good job!

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