We made it!

Nice work everyone we pushed through this week together. Even though a majority of us cheated only a little bit, we conserved a lot of energy whether you realize it or not. Also, this week allowed us to talk with many of our friends and try to convince them to work with us. Some joined and some ignored us and called us crazy, like my friends. Im not upset that they did not join us i completely understand. It was a difficult week especially with the workload each of us have. But even just telling people the impact they are making on the environment may stay in their heads and they may change their minds later in life.

On a personal note I found this week to be very difficult and i would not be able to live like this. It did, however, get me thinking of the easier things i can do to help. For example, reducing the amount of electricity I consume and eating less packaged food. All in all, it was a week that taught me a lot about my self and i hope you continue with this project.

Andrew Traicoff


  1. I agree. I would have to ease into this lifestyle much more slowly or else the cheating I experienced this week would only become greater.

  2. Having a support system definitely helped. It was difficult for me too personally and I had to make a conscious effort to remind myself what this week was about. I did not fall short sometimes, but the important thing is to pick yourself up and keep on going

  3. I can relate to not being able to live like this. It is hard to think about your actions all the time and reduce your impact. I think just building a few habits from this experience such as using less napkins will be a great impact. I learned a lot from this week just like you. It was more a self-awareness type of learning.

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