Oh Jeez

Goodness I forgot to blog. I’m sorry! Is it terrible to say that I’m kind of glad that I’m a day late? Today, the day after the end of No Impact…I am seeing results! I am turning things off, unplugging, and saving so much waste. This project has not only changed me for the past week but it looks like I’ve been forming lasting habits! Not only does this make me feel good about myself, but it makes me feel like a good person. Last night, after midnight, I had the realization that No Impact week was over- I could go get something from Slayter! Then I stopped to think: just because I’m not being assigned to save the Earth doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t, and I didn’t. Talk about self control! I’m noticing instant gratification and what it does, I’m questioning my motives for wanting, what is it that I really want? Thank you for assigning No Impact week, it honestly has changed the way I look at the world.

Charlotte King

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  1. Just like Earth day, I think no impact should last longer than this week. I learned a lot from this experience from connecting more with roommates and fellow scholars on Denison’s campus. I almost wish that we did no impact at the beginning of the semester instead of the last weeks of school. It was a nice challenge and just because i we aren’t living 100% no impact doesn’t mean our little steps don’t make a difference.

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