A hot start for the kid

Started off the week with a lightning quick 1:15 shower. Made me realize how much wasted time we spend in the shower. Not a big fan of turning off the water to put on soap just made me cold and unhappy. At lunch I continue the no impact theme with a salad. I really wanted the burger but Im glad I went with the healthier option.




  1. Yo B, proud of you with that shower, that sounds like record time. Hopefully that salad had some sort of protein in it!

  2. The Kid, really impressive timing with that shower, I kind of question whether you actually cleansed yourself. I also commend you for going with the salad since I unfortunately went with chicken today =( . It’s all about getting better though and making a smaller impact everyday, am I right? Maybe we should start hanging out more so we can be accountable for each other and our impact during this week. All the best for the rest of your week. If you need any help or have any question I am here for help.

  3. True about wasting time and water. Now that I’ve made it a habit to regularly take short showers- I can’t even stand to take long ones. It feels like a waste of time. For me, the shorter the better…. leaves time for ho-hum!

  4. That is amazing that you took that long to shower and i agree that we waste a lot of water when we take longer to shower. It is great to see that you forced yourself to shower in the cold to save water. Super proud of you and hope you continue to achieve your goals for this week.

  5. Congrats Ben! I cannot believe how incredibly fast of a shower you took and that must have been hard to force yourself out of it.

  6. Way to tough it out in the shower this morning, keep it up.


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