Day 1

So today was pretty rough, not only did I have some moral dilemmas about how much paper I had to print for each class..I also had trouble finding foods that did not make me feel like I was killing the planet. There was also some problems this morning with napkins and I had to wipe food on my pants. After having food stains on my pants I didn’t think my day could get weirder but being conscious of the environment really comes with some push-backs. At Slayter, I was looked down upon for asking for a greenie, the people there were extremely annoyed with me for inconveniencing them. All in all I didn’t do too bad, but still it was difficult.



  1. They really need to clean up the greene system. They always get mad when you ask for one as well

  2. I’ve had similar problems with the greenies. Hopefully as the week goes on they’ll be more understanding!

  3. Olivia has some pretty positive vibes. Unfortunately, it is just not the culture at Denison to be aware of consumption- but maybe we can start a movement? Yes, as for the stains- I forgot to mention that will definitely happen!

  4. Yeah I always get that vibe when I ask for greenies at slay, but power through dude its worth the discomfort and they probably resect you deep down.

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