Day 1

Today I completely forgot about No Impact Week until I was on my way to environmental. My breakfast at Slayter was pretty unfriendly but I did have my fans unplugged already which was good. I watched just about everyone throw their containers into the recycling bin (which you can’t do) and it made me excited to try out our new trash system that my group is making. Since then I’ve tried to have less of an impact and it’s going pretty well. I have to write a paper today so I’ll be in the library on a computer for a long time. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to limit my electricity use a lot more. This afternoon I bought a t-shirt for the One Love foundation so I didn’t feel bad about purchasing a new item of clothing. Overall, my impact has been pretty similar to usual today. It was unintentional but I’ll definitely improve over the week.



  1. Ryan- Sounds like you have had a pretty good day in regards to no-impact week. It’s funny that you said you saw people throwing food containers into the recycling even though you can’t because I have been explaining to all of my friends what you can and cannot recycle. I feel like I’m actually starting to make a difference by spreading the word haha. Good luck with the rest of the week!

  2. Ryan- the first step is recognizing your habits- which it sounds like you did. So now you know what behaviors to address for the rest of the week. Good luck!

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